About us


Priceless Resource Inc. is a New York based Consumer Electronics Distributor with annual volume of over $50M. The company was founded in 1995 and has been dedicated to doing business in a very straightforward way – through the development of deep and meaningful relationships. When you engage in a business transaction with Priceless Resource, you will receive personalized service with the utmost care provided by our attentive and skilled representatives. Our customers remain with us because we treat them with respect and value their business.

Priceless Resource offers a variety of services to meet the varying aspects of our customers’ needs including: Distribution, Sourcing, Inventory Management and Brand Management. With offices located in Brooklyn, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; Los Angeles, California; Dallas, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri and Shenzhen, China. We are prepared to serve our customers around the globe.

Meet The Team,

These are our team leaders


Isaac Meisels

President and CEO

718-643-8951 ext # 101


Joseph Bailey

Executive Vice President  (Sales and Marketing)

718-643-8951 ext # 102


Bern Dunn

Product Development

718-643-8951 ext # 108


Joel Meisels

VP of Operations (Logistics)

718-643-8951 ext # 103


Ron Podovich

Finance Manager

718-643-8951 ext # 104


William Perez

Operations Manager

718-643-8951 ext # 105



Alex Quilo

Warehouse Manager

718-643-8951 ext # 106


Chris Laboi

Account Manager (Telco)